How to Use Linux Bash Command on Win 10

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Ubuntu Bash Shell
Ubuntu Bash Shell

Windows 10's Anniversary Update offers a big new feature for developers: A full, Ubuntu-based Bash Shell that can run Linux software on Windows. This is made possible by the new "Windows Subsystem for Linux" Microsoft is adding to Windows 10.

If you wonder that how to add this feature in your Win10 or want to know more information about Linux Bash Shell on Windows 10, please visit How to Install and Use the Linux Bash Shell on Windows 10.

However, with this feature, I can run my Bash shell scripts(.sh script) to do plenty of things without a virtual machine. The next thing I want to do is making 非爬虫方式批量下载IEEE Xplore文献(Linux环境) run with the advantage of this feature.

Run Graphical Linux Desktop Application

Uninstall and Reinstall


If you find bash get stuck while extract files, see followings:


I want to make IC EDA tools, such as Cadence、Synopsys、Calibre and so on which run on Cent OS on virtual machine (VMware or Virtual Box) now,run on Windows 10 with this feature.

Unfortunately, I find it impossible with current version Bash Shell which can not support complex GUI application. Hoping future version will solve this problem.

The underlying technology enabling the Windows Subsystem for Linux